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Tarmachan Tramping

I was sitting in the Dunolly office nursing a mild hangover after a sociable night in the pub when PTC Tweeted that he was dressed like a mountain super hero !

I was contemplating Schiehallion to clear the head, but the cloud was lying on top of it !

PTC said he was heading for the Tarmachans for an overnighter, I had no kit with me so I said I would come up with him and run back off the hill in the dark.

We grouped at the new car park as the Lawyers visitor centre was has been obliterated just like the visitors centre.

The cloud base was less than inspiring as we trudged up the hill under gazes of grumpy walkers returning off the hill to their cars.

The cloud teased by breaking on occasions and letting little patches of sunshine and blue skies show.

Light was going fast as we reached just below 900m, the air was cold and we were right on the line of cloud, the ground frozen solid.

Ptc pitched his tent as I melted snow on the Jetboil for a brew.


Whilst waiting for a brew I used the last of the light to explore an avalanche that was further down the hill, The Tarmachans in my experience are very avalanche prone for some reason.

Coffee was not the usual sachet affair but a rather fancy bag from Growers Cup, I had tasted this at Escape Route before Christmas and its tasty to say the least !

As I sheltered in the porch of the comp we discussed various things including the lack of want for two people to share the very tent we were sheltered in !

I checked the temp outside, minus four was the reading and it was about half five at night.

I packed my kit and reluctantly stripped off my insulating layers ready for the run down the hill.

I also stuck my microspikes on to give me extra grip on the icy and snow patches we had crossed on the way up.

I set off stopping at the next hill down to see if I could get pictures of PTC’s lit up tent, the cloud had cleared a bit but not enough to give off usable light.

His torch did however look like a mountain light house as I messed about before getting cold and running onto the car park.

I drove back to Aberfeldy trying to figure out if the sky was clearing or not.

PTC was on the sunrise lottery !


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Back on the bike !


With winter deciding not come after all I decided that it was spring and started working on Leroi to get him and I race fit !

Friday was a loop around Mugdock and then onto the old pipe track to Strathblane which was surprisingly clear of windfall.

But on return to Mugdock there was a lot of trees down and a route change had to be made !

Saturday We planned to go for a spin up to the top of Farragon Hill outside Aberfeldy but the snow was still low down in the valley.

Mark and I opted for Griffin forest for a quick hack before work !

Instead of that we ending up wading through snow carrying bikes.


Photo courtesy of Mark French


The weather was not too bad and in the trees you could have been in the Alps or Canada.

Having to pedal hard downhill just to keep the bike moving was a bit de motivating !


What should have been a quick forty minute hack became an hour and a half toe freezer !

Sun was a bit of exploring a newish track to Kenmore from Aberfeldy.

Photo Courtesy of Mark French

The ground was muddy so there was a lot of pushing involved !

A bit of lunch in The Courtyard put smiles on faces again as we returned via the back road which was a bit flooded.

All good fun !

If it stays like this the road bike will be coming oot as well !


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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,500 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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