The meet met and then slept

I woke up at half six the next morning, the wind had eased right off and it was very peaceful.

I checked the Suunto in the porch, it was reading -4 degrees,I reluctantly emerged from my cosy down cocoon and pulled the faithful down troosers on and headed outside.

Sandy was just getting up as I sparked up the stove and admired the orange glow in the distance.

One thing I notice is that the Jetboil  does not have that roar that other stoves have, the association is a comfort thing on a cold morning !

I made my brew and set off up the side of Narnain hunting for a better view !

My hands were cold, my thumb and trigger finger painfully so despite being inside the Helix Gloves, it took a good ten minutes before they started to warm up !

I traversed the slope knowing fine that I was not going to make the top in time, opting for the uninterrupted view from the shoulder instead.

Ben Lomond stood in all its glory with the sun edging over its shoulder, behind me the Cobbler started to take on the orange glow.

I never get bored watching the sunrise or sunset in the mountains (as you might of guessed by the amount of pictures on here).


Brew in hand, it’s a good way to start the day !


I messed about trying to get a couple of shots, I knew exactly what I wanted but the timer was not playing the game !


Heading back down the hill I could see people starting move about at the tents, i stopped at “WEE H’S” tent as she climbed into the cosy looking Montura down jacket !

She had a cold night and was glad to be up and moving in the sun !

As stoves boiled water for brews, a plan was hatched to head up the Cobbler, I would of been as happy lying in the clear blue skies at camp, just being here made me a happy soul(and delay having to get out my PHD Trousers !)

We set off up the path, the guys with the Granite gear packs having the advantage of being able to compress them right down into a tidy looking day pack.

As the path steepened the ice got thicker and instead of floundering about trying to choose a grippy route I stopped and slipped on the Hillsounds, readers will know I normally use Kahtoolas but trying these I reckon I am a convert !

The plate increases the grip and gives a normal crampon style bite with each placement of the foot !

Just below the last bit before the summit I stopped to remove another layer, the sun was warm and as I packed my rucksack I spied an interesting gully to the summit.

Crossing the boulders I started climbing up the slope of consolidated snow to the saddle between the two summits, rejoining the others we decided what top to head for.

We caught some views before dropping back off the summit via the ascent path, passing all types of feck wits (that’s a technical term for accidents waiting to happen !) slipping and sliding on the ice, at point do you turn around and say “you should not be here, turn around and go back !)

Before long stoves were on and  tents were packed, we were headed  back to the car park where we  reluctantly handed back the  test kit :0(

Many thanks to John,Ollie and PTC for giving up the time and to all the fellow gear geeks that turned up too !



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5 thoughts on “The meet met and then slept

  1. Great blog mate. Pictures are quality, I’m sure Heather will thank you for that one!

    And what’s this thing you call a “brew”? 🙂

    Catch up with you soon, Davy

  2. Top stuff Phil, great shots there. Looks like your jumping shot worked just fine!

  3. awww no fair in capturing the morning face, that and my boots were frozen and I had to rip my blisters to get them on arrggghhhhh!!!

    • H its all about getting the right angle on everything !
      Thanks Michael still interested in that wee gadget you were talking about !
      Davy cheers come on you know about brews do you not ??????

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