The meet met ! Part 1

So PTC had organised a”Thing” for bloggers and gear freaks to come along and have a look at some kit.

The venue changed a few times but eventually set on Arrochar Alps.

A few of us RV’d at Tiso’s the day before for a pre meet meet, most of the discussion being about the weather forecast !

I lay on my bed that night with kit scattered all around me lethargic to say the least !

Saturday morning was not much better as the rain bounced off the window driven by the gusting wind, my warm duvet was way to inviting !

It had been a while since it had been in the hills, and as I drove up the A82 in no rush I looked forward to being on the ground again.

Arriving at the car park there was lots of people standing in Montura kit that we had seen at the snow baws show.

John from Ardblair had brought the samples and had also blagged himself some the nicer stuff to match his green Nathan Bottle.

Ollie from 9.9 distributed some Big Agnes bags and tents and top bags/ mat systems for people to try as well as Granite Gear packs to carry it all with.

Honey Stinger protein bars and chews were squeezed into spaces, and then with a quick brief on how to use the Leki poles we were finally heading up the main track.

The weather changed by the minute from sunshine to wind driven snow, the chat was good and everybody bantered away with each other.

Layers went off then back on again, once out of the protection of the treeline gloves and hats were the order of the day !

The 40mph gusts were going good guns so we checked out a sheltered spot at the back of the boulders, the decision was made to pitch the tents on the semi frozen ground.

I had the Helsport Ringstind Light with me, I was so close to taking the Haglofs Genius knowing the wind was going to be bad.


Ptc opted for the safe option of the mighty unflappable Hilleberg Soulo and it lived up to expectations as the wind swirled all around us flexing poles.

I walked up to the spot where we were going to camp, the wind was swirling all over the place knocking me off balance at times.


Back at camp people were in tents cooking food and others in small groups chatting away in the sub zero temps.

It got dark quickly thanks to the low cloud cover, the wind eased slightly and the temperature dropped further, the clouds parted giving glimpses of stars.

Half seven and it was biting cold so I jumped into the tent thinking about reading my book, 5 minutes later I was giving it big z’s !

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2 thoughts on “The meet met ! Part 1

  1. Jesus, I needed my sunglasses for that first picture! You could have warned us!

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