Funny start to the year !

When the bell’s rang at midnight bringing 2013 in it was mild with a bit of rain !

The snow I had spent Christmas in was being stripped back to nothing and the hills were bare again.

Mild weather meant biking !

A good thing too as it was time to get out and get a bit of practice for my night ride leader module !

By the time the assessment date came the weather had changed again and the snow had fallen and it had gotten colder again.

In Perth there was not much but further North it was lying and getting deeper.

In the Weege there was nothing but patches and It was just deep enough for a wee ski around the turbines at Whitelees.

It felt milder and looking onto the South side of the Campsies the snow cover was patchy.

I finally finished work at a decent time and headed up for a run, the North side was a different matter and on the way back down I was up to my knees floundering about off the path.

I got back to the truck and could not resist swapping my trainers for my ski boats and heading back up the track on my skinny’s.

I had a great time, and as I left the hill it snowing, by morning it was raining again !

A snowy epic journey North for The DofE Expedition Festival saw us sitting in workshops whilst heavy snow and blue skies passed us by !

By Sunday we returned to the Weege, rain and high winds greeted us.

Whats February going to be like ?


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4 thoughts on “Funny start to the year !

  1. robsanderson1

    Liked that one hopefully snow at some point

  2. Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that a 29er you have?

  3. Hi, I try to reach you this way because I couldn´t find an e-mail.
    I started a blog about the nature of the Cantabrian Mountains (northern Spain), which will have a lot of information about walking and landscape, and also about wild flowers (orchids), animals and geology which can be found in this region.
    I think those mountains are a lovely place for walking.

    The link is:

    I invite you to have a look, and if you think it´s worth it, I would appreciate a link from your website.

    Sincerely yours,

    Marius van Heiningen

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