Best of both worlds !

I had lunch with PTC  the other day.

It had been a while since we caught up as we both have been busy with all sorts of stuff !

One of the things he did say to me was ” Feck sake update the blog !”.

So here we are !

This post has grown & grown as time has slipped by and I have added more !

The lack of posts is not down to doing nothing just time to write and post  and an uber slow lap top !

This has changed now with moving to the dark side with a Mac book pro which will hopefully make things easier !

Getting out in the snow has been great, around Perthshire there has been loads without having to travel too far.

I had some time to take back from work (hahaha) so my mate Chief had a Friday off and we planned a wee jaunt in Glen Fender.

We stopped in Escape Route on the way to have a ridiculous amount of money removed from me for a new toy that I will get to soon.

We did have coffee and bacon butties as well as the usual good banter with the guys.

Parking the car was interesting in the drifts of snow, we kitted up and headed for the track.

The snow was patchy at some points but enough to ski on all the way.

There was even enough to have a bit of fun !

And of course enough time for a brew and to take in the scenery.

Its weird ! Half of me was not wanting the snow to stay and the other wanted a melt so I could get out on the bike !

Being in Perthshire at the weekends and in Glasgow during the week has kind of given me both !

It had been an age since I had been in the Kilpatricks and after 2 days of blue skies being viewed from the office window I decided to take the bike to work and head out after work.

The usual happened when you are trying to get away from work, someone asks something or you answer the phone and before you know it it’s 5pm.

I rushed out of the office at Drumchapel and headed out onto the A82.

PTC had been out all day in the hills and was heading to the studio so it was going to be a solo !

I changed quickly mindful of the sunset.

The climb nearly killed me as I raced to get to the top of the hill to catch the sunset.

As soon as the sun dipped behind the hills it went really cold.

I set off towards Loch Humphrey and then along the tracks to the wooded section.

It was getting dark so I had the lights on, I entered the short cut route through the trees, its tricky at times but semi frozen in half light meant I ate dirt on a little step off.

I rode through the awkward gate and started on the downhill that I had been looking forward to !

Only to find pretty soon that all had changed and there were new fences, ditches and mud holes everywhere.

I got down to Overtoun House a bit jaded and text PTC  “Fannies” !

The track that never fails to bring a smile to your face had indeed failed to do so !

The weather had stayed stable which saw a cold but sunny Raft Guide improvers course at Dunolly.

We had a good few days on the river with the new staff and they all went on to do well on their 6 day Guide course.

The stable weather saw more amazing sunsets.

Its also going to be a year of courses !

Updates and I suppose time has forced me to get my finger out and push for more qualifications.

With my Mountain Bike leader assessment coming up I have been getting out, as part of that I was doing the Expedition module training last week.

My heart sank that it was in Queen Elisabeth Forrest but it was good to get out for a couple of days with the tent.

It was great working with Bill Ross who pushed us through our paces !

The assessment is at the end of the month then it will be time to blitz the hills for a month in readiness for Mountain Leader Assessment !

Personal Development ! Aye  gees a break !

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