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Thats better !

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Camban Bothy Banter

We were invited to a wee chat in a remote bothy in the middle of Glen Affric.

The chat was to be delivered by Lennart Ekberg that I had mentioned way back here , he is the head dude of sustainability for Haglofs.

Joining in on the chat were Angus and Iain from Gear Pest, PTC,Michael Thomson and Gus the Northern Rep for Haglofs.

Everybody had different plans for getting into the bothy, Viks and I had decided to bike in as we had to be back in Glasgow early afternoon for the Annual DofE Awards Ceremony.

We left Glasgow and drove up through th inversions at Glencoe.

We arrived at the Cluanie Inn and had a coffee whilst deciding the best way in.

PTC,Mt and co were planning on coming from Morvich and looking at the path there was a wee steep bit on the map that would be interesting on bikes.

We opted for going in from Cluanie side, crossing fingers that the track was bikeable all the way.

The climb started straight away, my bob was heavy and having not been on the bike for a while I was worried that it was going to be a nightmare !

A few miles in and the nice landrover track ran out, to be replaced with a boggy un bikable track which was no joy to push along either.

Close to the Beallach we decided to dump the bikes and walk the rest.

It was nice to be in the hills with no other real agenda than just being there.

In the shadow of the hill it was cold, a proper feel of winter at last !

It’s always a strange and difficult time of year to be out, you are in light layers whilst moving but as soon as you stop or are in the shade you want all the layers known to man.

We got to the bothy and there was no body about.

We had a brew and a wee walk about making decisions on which was the best route out for the next morning.

We were about to start cooking dinner when Iain and Angus arrived, it was a bit of relief to see someone else and thoughts that nobody was going to bother coming in were soon gone.

After much banter and fire trickery we finally had a blaze going in the fireplace (thanks to Angus for biking in with the coal)

It was late and we had decided that the rest of the crew were in some bar somewhere, i nicked outside for a pee before going to bed, it was a crisp night.

We were all cosy in our bags, it was the first time I had the PHD K Series Minimus out, I reckoned I would be out with the comfort rating but wanted to see how it would perform.

Just then PTC and MT arrived in a blur of activity with tales of car crashes blocking roads and flat battery’s and half of Scotland detours.

Gus and Lennart were coming in from the other end of Glen Affric but did not have a complete map.

Iain and Angus went to meet them whilst the guys got some food etc.

At some point everybody was here but we drifted in and out of sleep knowing a 04:30 start was just around the corner.

Much whisky and wine were consumed and I have no idea when the giggling stopped, all I know was that my alarm went off not long after that and we were up and packing and into the crispy morning all before 05:00.

We hiked back to the bikes sticking to the main track (including the dead couple of KM’s to get to the bridge) , the sun was coming up as we picked the bikes up and prepared our selves for the slog of a push.

15 minutes later and we were at the track getting changed into bike kit.

The ride out down the track was enjoyable despite the cold and before we knew it we were back at the car and heading back to the weege.

Meanwhile back at the bothy the guys were talking sustainability and eating breakfast !

Nice to be back in the hills for my own reasons rather than work !

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Communications Reinstated

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