Just because !

That age-old question asked by dumbasses ! “why do you climb mountains ?”

I have though a lot when I read about people doing crazy adventure, what would my answer be ?

After 6 months or more of working on DofE Expeditions and MT Courses the thought of going back to the hills was sometimes a distant one in some ways !

It was a dreich morning but checking the traffic cams it showed a different scene passed Tyndrum.

We had the new La Sportiva Trango Cubes straight out the box and on to our feet.

Its weird and refreshing sticking the map in the top of the rucksack and walking up the way instead of squiggle and puddle hunting !

The inversion as we entered the glen was stunning, Ben Cruachan was sticking out clearly but that was not the objective.

It was warm in the sun as we moved steady up the track wheezing through snot filled lungs.

There are some traces of some crazy land slips along the side of the track by Beinn Eunnaich, you can see why they chose the area for a Hydro schemes given the amount of water running off the hills in this area.

Above the mist it was crystal clear and still warm in the sun.

Leaving the track at the top of the glen we skirted onto the shoulder, I guess the natural line would be to go to Lairig Noe then up but it was really nice to just skirt in and out the cliffs and boulders to test the limit of grip on the trango cubes.

Loch Etive was like a mirror as we summited.

The temptation to run off and pick off the summit of Beinn Eunnaich was there but with the sun setting behind Cruachan it was way too tempting to sit and watch.

The flask came out and we had some chicken noodle soup as we chucked layer after layer on as the sun drooped as well as the temp.

We walked off down the ridge Eastwards to catch the sun in the gap, as we sat down to watch a bit more I realised that I had left the bino’s on the summit of Beinn a Chocuill so ended up running back up to get them.

It was getting really cold and the realisation that it was time to change all the kit over to winter weight hit home !

I never get bored with the crazy sunset colours whilst sitting on winter mountains, I hate to think how many 100’s of pics like the one below I have.

Heading down was a joy as the inversion started creeping in again on the valley floor and the sunset just kept giving !

Back to the car and it was pitch dark just to knock home completely that it was now truly winter !

And why do we do it ??????????????

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2 thoughts on “Just because !

  1. Bex Currie

    Pictures look great Mr Bobinson 🙂

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